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Purchase intent insight into your segment delivers higher-quality targets, better quality prospects and the information you need to capitalize on across the buyer’s journey—based on knowledge of what’s actually happening right now.

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of B2B buyers report that the winning vendor’s content had significant impact on their buying decision
– Demand Gen Report

Using your content, ours, or a custom combination, you can leverage a wide variety of demand generation tactics to gain effectiveness at scale, meeting your goals and surpassing Sales colleagues’ expectations.

  • Extend your content to fill your funnel where you need it most
  • Create engaging, responsive assets based on learning about what works as well as insight into your specific targets
  • Reach audiences where they are via customized online and in-person experiences

Real purchase intent insight provides your best chance to optimize what you do with the demand you have. It helps you intercept what you probably would have missed.

Engage your prospects based on where they are in their buyer’s journey with the right techniques and content that serves their needs.

White Paper: Why All Leads Are Not Created Equal

When it comes to paid B2B demand generation, receiving only the standard information a lead provider generates for you on a lead form is just not enough. In this white paper, we take a look at common tactics that many lead providers and media partners are taking in order to ensure they fulfill your demand generation “goals” – and what you need to know before signing on the dotted line.

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Blog: Insights on the New Reality of Integrated Demand Generation

Integrated demand generation is no longer just about diversifying content, promo messaging and lists. This blog looks at the new dynamics of integrated demand generation strategies, including the role of intent data and the use of CRM and marketing tools.

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