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From the right audiences and deep, relevant content, we track and model behaviors that predict purchase intent right now. Each week, you know what’s happening with the people you seek at the companies you’re after.

  • Purchase intent behaviors from accounts and contacts active within your target segment
  • Observed and analyzed to help prioritize and inform each action you take
  • Delivered every week to accelerate your outcomes

TechTarget purchase intent insight impacts brand and demand actions every day. The patterns and trends we uncover provide clear strategic understanding so you can act immediately.

Research, data analysis and modeling, all synthesized for your specific use cases.

3 questions to ask B2B intent providers

Used effectively, purchase intent can improve conversion rates, expedite deal velocity and create stronger synergies between marketing and sales. But intent data is not without its share of gotchas, which may require a leap of faith when investing in lists of accounts providers claim are heating up.

Before deciding whether to buy from any provider, make sure to ask these tough questions.

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